If this isn't pregnancy I want to know what

ARGH.  I'm leaving this public so that I can get answers from people.  Here's the deal:  As of this past Saturday (3rd) I am four weeks late for my period.  I took FOUR home tests that all came out negative before going to the health department when I was three weeks late.  That test ALSO turned out negative.  I was told to come back in two weeks if I didn't start.  Since I have that appointment, I haven't bothered taking any more home tests.  These are my symptoms:

1)Fatigue: Since before my period was late, I have been feeling extra tired, no matter what I've done that day or what amount of sleep I've gotten.
2)Appetite changes:  For the first few weeks before and after my late period, I was like hungry ALL the time.  I ate and ate and hardly ever even got full.  I only stopped eating cause I knew I needed to.  Now, for the past few days, I'll feel like starving, but as soon as some food is in front of me I suddenly feel sick and lose my appetite.  Of course I eat anyway, to keep my blood sugar from dropping, and eating usually makes the nausea go away.
3)Cramps:  For about four or five days now I've been feeling a steady feeling of pre-menstrual cramps.  I feel just like I'm going to start my period, but I haven't had so much as a spot of blood.  There's also been other pain in the general area.  This is something that happened randomly over the last month and a half but now it's constant.
4)Gas:  This is something I always have with my periods.
5)OWIE:  My nipples are tender, my breasts are sometimes tender, heck, for the past few days my whole BODY has been tender.  It's like "AH DON'T TOUCH ME OW" for serious.  Especially in my left ribs, which I think had an old injury and have been sore for years.  Now they're REALLY sore.  Rubbing my skin on accident on anything is really irritating, even if it doesn't scratch.  I also have just general muscle aches, like I've been working out or something.

I've looked up common signs of pregnancy (because of the missed period; otherwise I wouldn't even consider it).  Some of these are there, some aren't.  I definitely do not have morning sickness or wierd cravings.  I can't tell anything is swollen, like my ankles or wrists or anything.  There are some more signs that I don't have that I can't think of off the top of my head.  A few other conditions come up on WebMD, none of which I've ever heard of.  If anyone has an idea of what this might be, let me know?  I'll let you all know what the results are next visit to the health department (my birthday yay XP)

Welcome, Take 2

Okay, I was tired and annoyed last time.  That was surely a bad introduction.  Let's try again.

Welcome to my LiveJournal.  After this post every entry is going to be friends only.  Why, you ask?  Well for some reason I have this awesome way of offending people just by saying what I think without even trying.  I'm sick of being misunderstood and people taking offense where none is intended.  This journal will be to let out my feelings, rants, etc without bad repercussions.  If you decided to be my friend and view this journal, you can expect any of the following:

Things regarding religion
Things regarding evolution
Things regarding people I don't like but you might
Boring things about work
Political annoyances
Many other things that just come across my mind

You may also experience:

An overwhelming urge to write back a nasty remark

IF YOU WANT TO FRIEND ME then please keep these above things in mind as well as a few "guidelines."  I'm often bad at getting my point across the first time (somehow though I recheck often before posting).  If you're confused or think you might have misunderstood, by all means ASK ME what I meant.  If you make an angry response in which it's obvious you didn't fully read the entry (and also the request I just made) I will not reply.  I will not be held responsible for any feelings you might get.  You've been warned.

Oh yeah, comment here and let me know where we know each other if you want to be friends.  Once I figure out how to do that.
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